Need to join multiples cells into one with delimiter? – Use JoinCellsTool User’s Function

Do you need join multiple cells into single one with user defined delimiter? As an additional option you need to insert some constant text, such as search query URL, etc.? It is very easy with JoinCellsTool User’s Function. This simple VBA function use user’s selected cells range, user defined delimiter char or any word and works fine with UTF-8 encoding, i.e. supports all languages.

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How to work with JoinCellsTool function?

1. Download ZIP Archive with JoinCellsToolModule.bas VBA module from Gumroad service. It’s free, but any donation (price more than $1 is appreciated). Extract to your Hard drive. MD5 Checksum: 34549555FB96F91D1E5D1C9330D42471
2. Open your Excel Worksheet file, save to another copy with XLSM extensions (Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook).
3. Press “ALT+F11”, then import “JoinCellsToolModule.bas” from File - > Import File (CTRL+M), as shown

JoinCellsToolModule.bas Module Import

4. Close “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications” Window.
5. Save your new Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook again.
6. Now, to join (merge) Excel multiple cells into single one without CONCATENATE function, please enter the formula as shown below, for example “=JoinCellsTool(A1:A5)”.

JoinCellsTool Main Features

7. JoinCellsTool function joins (merge) constant initial text, URL in our example, with cells data in “A1:A5” range with “,” delimiter. User can change multiple cells range with data, constant initial text into another one, changing “JoinCellsStartText” variable. Text joining delimiter could be changed also in “JoinCellDelimiter” variable. These both variables are in “JoinCellsToolModule” in our “JoinCellsTool.xlsm” example file.
If you need to use Non-ANSI Encoding “JoinCellsStartText” variable value, please make JoinCellsStartText = “”, and simply concatenate in Excel worksheet UTF-8 Encoded initial text with JoinCellsTool finction result.

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