Batch DVD Streams Converter

Batch DVD Streams Converter is a free, open-source software to convert all popular media formats to DVD streams - M2V, AC3, WAV for the next DVD Authoring with included MuxMan DVD Authoring Tool, or with any  other DVD Authoring software, such as  DVD Lab Pro, or  GUI for dvdauthor, etc. Batch DVD Streams Converter supports these conversion:
AVI to M2V, VOB to M2V, MPEG to M2V, MPG to M2V, MPV to M2V, M1V to M2V,M2V to M2V, MP4 to M2V, M4V to M2V, MOV to M2V, HDMOV to M2V, OGG to M2V, OGM to M2V, MKV to M2V, MJPEG to M2V, MJ2 to M2V, FLV to M2V,  SWF to M2V, VCD to M2V, DAT to M2V, ASF to M2V, WMV to M2V, 3GP to M2V, 3GPP to M2V, 3G2 to M2V, DV to M2V, RM to M2V, RMV to M2V, RMVB to M2V, VC1 to M2V, MTV to M2V, AVS to M2V, FLI to M2V, FLC to M2V, FLX to M2V, FLIC to M2V,  GIF to M2V, H.261 to M2V, H.263 to M2V, H.264 to M2V, NSV to M2V, NULL to M2V, NUP to M2V, PSP to M2V, PSX to M2V, SMK to M2V, BMP to M2V, JPG to M2V, JPEG to M2V for video streams and
AVI to AC3, VOB to AC3, MPG to AC3, MPEG to AC3, MPA to AC3, MP1 to AC3, MP2 to AC3, MP3 to AC3, MP4 to AC3, M4A to AC3, MOV to AC3, HDMOV to AC3, OGG to AC3, OGM to AC3, MKV to AC3, FLV to AC3, SWF to AC3,  VCD to AC3, DAT to AC3, ASF to AC3, WMV to AC3, 3GP to AC3, RM to AC3, RAM to AC3, RA to AC3, RMV to AC3, RMVB to AC3, AAC to AC3, AC3 to AC3, DTS to AC3, AIFF to AC3, ALAW to AC3, AMR to AC3, AU to AC3, FLAC to AC3, VOC to AC3,  PCM to AC3, WAV to AC3, WV to AC3, WMA to AC3, MTV to AC3, AVS to AC3, DAUD to AC3, MMF to AC3, PSP to AC3, TTA to AC3, WSAUD to AC3 for audio streams in AC3 format and
AVI to WAV, VOB to WAV, MPG to WAV, MPEG to WAV, MPA to WAV, MP1 to WAV, MP2 to WAV, MP3 to WAV, MP4 to WAV, M4A to WAV, MOV to WAV, HDMOV to WAV, OGG to WAV, OGM to WAV, MKV to WAV, FLV to WAV, SWF to WAV,  VCD to WAV, DAT to WAV, ASF to WAV, WMV to WAV, 3GP to WAV, RM to WAV, RAM to WAV, RA to WAV, RMV to WAV, RMVB to WAV, AAC to WAV, AC3 to WAV, AIFF to WAV, ALAW to WAV, AMR to WAV, AU to WAV, FLAC to WAV, VOC to WAV,  PCM to WAV, WAV to WAV, WV to WAV, WMA to WAV, MTV to WAV, AVS to WAV, DAUD to WAV, MMF to WAV, PSP to WAV, TTA to WAV, WSAUD to WAV for audio streams in WAV format.
Also program works with  4XM, ROQ, APC, C93, DIRAC, DXA, EA, FFM, GXF, MXF, SHN, SOL, THP, TXD, VMD, VQA media formats.

Batch DVD Streams Converter use:
FFMPEG for audio/video conversion and AC3 streams copying (extracting) from non-mpeg containers
DGMPGDEC (DGINDEX) for M1V, M2V video streams copying (demuxing) and MPA, AC3, DTS, WAV (PCM) streams demuxing from MPEG containers. DGINDEX used for delay detection in audio streams also
AVIMux GUI for audio delay detection in AVI containers
DGPulldown for 3:2 pulldown process executing for converted and copied (demuxed) M2V video streams in NTSC Film format (23,976 fps, 24 fps)
Additional tools in main menu:
Join VOB Files Tool to combine VOB files for the next conversion/demuxing/copying
MuxMan DVD Authoring powerful, small, simple free tool to author your DVD

System requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003.
Download Batch DVD Streams Converter, ver. 1.0 (4,83 MB, ZIP)
Get it from CNET!
See changelog.txt

Download Batch DVD Streams Converter Source Code, ver. 1.0 (94 KB, ZIP)
To compile Batch DVD Streams Converter you need Delphi 7 or higher versions, plus the main program ZIP archive above.

Main features:
  • Batch audio/video conversion
  • M2V elementary video streams output
  • AC3 and/or WAV stream output
  • DVD specifications compatibility
  • Video bitrate selection, custom video bitrate supported
  • Video format detection, changing is possible
  • Interlaced source detection for MPEG-2 files, plus for DV files by default
  • Source Aspect Ratio detection for MPEG-1, MPEG-2 files, changing and custom source aspect ratio value input is supported
  • Target Aspect Ratio setting
  • Two-Pass conversion for video streams option
  • Half-D1 frame size option
  • Copying (demuxing) for M1V, M2V streams
  • Audio bitrate settings
  • Copying (demuxing) for AC3, WAV (PCM), MPA (MPEG-1 Layer 2), DTS audio streams from MPEG containers, extracting AC3 streams from various containers
  • Enable/disable conversion option for each audio/video stream in multi-stream containers
  • Estimated disk space calculation for all resulting audio/video streams
  • DVD-5 single layer and DVD-9 dual layer DVD+R blank disc's space calculation
  • 3:2 Pulldown enable/skip option
  • Shutting down of PC after conversion was finished

  • Main program window:

    Batch DVD Streams Converter Main Window

  • How Batch DVD Streams Converter works:
  • 1. Unzip the program archive to the folder, that does not contains any non-english letters. "Program Files" will be OK.
    2. Select an output folder using "Change" button where will be saved resulting audio/video streams. By default, if the "D:\Video\" path does not exists, the output folder will be the application path with "BatchDVDStreamsConverter.exe" file. Program will show how many megabytes are free on hard drive
    3. Select a media file you want to convert or copy audio/video streams using "Add File" button
    4. Wait until the media file is loading - "Loading..." is the caption of "Add File" button during analyzing of file. If everything is OK, information about audio/video streams will appear on "Audio Streams:" and "Video Streams:" panels, the source media file will be shown on the "Video & Audio Files:" panel with the full path to it.
    5. If you have selected the media file with non-english letters in a file's name or in the path to it, program will not accept this file and show warning message about this error
    6. For AVI files AVIMUX_GUI could show error message - "No video source chosen!", to avoid this error, please select in menu "Preferences - Media Scan Time - 3 sec (5 sec) ... etc" to exclude this error.

    Preferences Menu

    7. To remove unnecessary media file use "Remove" button, accepting warning message about media file removing attempt
    8. Check/uncheck audio/video streams you want to process. All settings will be ignored for unchecked audio/video streams
    9. Adjustment of settings. Audio/video settings panels are shown at next image

    Audio and Video settings panels

    Video settings.

  • Video Bitrate
  • Select one from 1000 (kbits) to 9000, or select "Custom" to define video bitrate manually. User could enter up to 9999 kbit, but this value is not recommended, cause too large, enter 9000 as maximum. Remember, if your future DVD will contain 2,3,4 audio streams, the video bitrate value must be decreased to follow DVD specifications  (summary bitrate must not exceed 9,8 Megabits for  DVD-Video). As an example, if you plan to use DVD-R single layer media (DVD-5, 4.3 GB), for 2 hours movie with a single AC3 448 kbits audio track, the maximum video bitrate could be 4000 kbits.

    Video Bitrate Settings
    Custom Video Bitrate Settings

  • Video Format
  • Detected by program automatically, could be change, checking "Change Format". For non-standard frame rates, for example 24,01 fps will be accept 24 fps as source frame rate. If you have pulldowned NTSC Film source (with 29,97 fps for video stream), program will show NTSC Film source cause Film structure will detected.  Format changing could be useful, if you want force M2V stream conversion at the desired standard, for example, converting BMP, JPEG, images for menu M2V stills (which contains single frame), GIF animations at the desired format.

    Change Format

  • Interlaced
  • Detected by program automatically for MPEG-1,2 formats and DV video. If the source fps value is 23,976 or 24, this option will be disabled, cause we have progressive source. For pulldowned NTSC Film sources this option is available, so user could change this setting. For Motion JPEG this flag is not checked, so user must know, is the source media file interlaced or not.  If the MPEG-1,2 streams placed in MP4 and other new containers, use demuxing software, like a  YAMB to extract raw MPEG streams and then detect interlacing.


  • Source Aspect Ratio
  • Detected by program automatically for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video streams, for other streams the value "1:1". Source Aspect Ratio could be changed by the user checking "Change Source Aspect Ratio" and selecting from the list desired or "Custom" value and could be entered as "4:3", "5:2", "107:80", "1.3333", etc. It is very useful to change source aspect ratios for VOB files from DVD camcorders, saving their VOB files with wrong Aspect Ratio value (4:3 instead of 16:9).  Note: changing of Source Aspect Ratio will achieve effect when conversion process was launched, for copying of MPEG streams you need  Restream to change Source Aspect Ratio without re-conversion.

    Change Source Aspect Ratio
    Custom Source Aspect Ratio

  • Target Aspect Ratio
  • Detected by program automatically depends on frame size and Source Aspect Ratio. Could be "4:3" or "16:9".

  • 2-Pass Conversion
  • Enable/disable for 2-pass video stream conversion, for best results of M2V conversion, is about twice longer then single pass, recommended for low bitrates.

  • Copy Video Stream
  • Option is enabled if the source video stream is MPEG-1,2 with compatible DVD-Video specifications. If the source stream is MPEG-2 with 23,976 fps or 24 fps, 3:2 pulldown process will be launched after copying had finished.

    Copy Video Audio Streams

    Audio settings.

  • Audio Format
  • Enable/disabled if the source audio stream exists. AC3 format is default, could be changes to WAV for mono and stereo input audio streams.

    Audio Settings Panel

  • Audio Bitrate
  • For mono and stereo source audio streams AC3 bitrate could be set 128,160,192,224,256,320,384,448 kbits, for 6-channels sources could be set 384 and 448 kbits.

  • Channels
  • Channels setting could not be modified, just for information purpose of the audio stream.

  • Copy audio stream
  • Option is enable if the source audio stream is AC3 or WAV and compatible with DVD-Video specifications. AC3 streams could be copied from various media containers, MPA, AC3, DTS, WAV (PCM) streams could be copied from MPEG containers.  If you have compatible audio stream in non-mpeg container, for example, AC3 or DTS in AVI container, use  VirtualDubMod to extract your audio stream, or other demuxing software for other containers to demux audio stream.  Note: VirtualDubMod supports AVI, OGM, MKV media containers

    10. Main menu


  • Media Scan Time
  • By default the value is "2 sec" - it is a time for scanning AVI files to detect possible audio streams delays. If the warning message "No video source chosen!" occurs increase this value.

  • Skip pulldown
  • Enable this option if you want to use another 3:2 pulldown software, run 3:2 pulldown process manually, or you sure, that your source MPEG video stream has TFF (Top Filed First) structure.
    Note: by default, 3:2 pulldown process executes with BFF settings, cause conversion for 23,976 fps and 24 fps sources set for BFF mode, and the difference could be if you copy compatible non-pulldowned MPEG-2 TFF video stream, which will be pulldowned after copying as BFF - it is better to skip pulldown, and then made it manually.  To learn, what mode in your MPEG stream, open "DGINDEX" folder, execute "DGIndex.exe" application, press F5 button - "Information" window will show at "Field Order" Bottom for BFF, and Top for TFF. Use 3:2 pulldown skipping, if this value is "Top", and don't forget to execute manual 3:2 pulldown, using DGPulldown application, selecting in it 23,976 to 29.97 fps or 24 to 29,97 fps as input frame rate. Input frame rate will show DGIndex at "Frame Rate" section.
    If the value is "Bottom", do nothing.

  • Shutdown PC when finished
  • Check this option to shutdown PC after finishing of the conversion/copying.

    Preferences Menu

  • Join VOB Files Tool
  • Use this tool to join, merge, combine VOB files into one for next adding to the Batch DVD Streams Converter media file's list to process it.
    To learn more, read  Join VOB Files Tool Help.

  • MuxMan DVD Authoring Tool
  • Simple, powerful, free tool to author or simply test resulting DVD video/audio streams.

    Tools Menu

    11. Running conversion

    After all setting will be done, simply press "Run" button and the processing mode of program will be activated, showing the necessary information about currently processing media file, video pass, progress percentage, active mode - "Conversion" or "Copying"


    When processing will be finished, all settings and stream listing panels become enabled. Pressing "Minimize to tray" button program will be invisible and program icon will be shown on the task bar.

    12. Thanks to:
    Fabrice Bellard as the author of FFMPEG engine
    Donald A. Graft ('neuron2') as the developer of the DGMPGDEC (DGINDEX) and DGPulldown
    Alexander Noe as the author of the AVIMUX_GUI
    'Jetlag', and 'timecop' as the authors of the DGPulldown
    'MPUCoder' for MuxMan DVD Authoring Tool

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    To contact to the author of this tool, please send e-mail:
    Aleksandr Ignatov
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