Join VOB Files Tool

Join VOB Files Tool is a free, open-source software to join (multiplex, merge, combine) VOB files from DVD structure  to use joined files in next encoding, conversion, demultiplexing, audio and video streams extracting, etc.

System requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003.
Download Join VOB Files Tool (217 KB, ZIP)

Download Join VOB Files Tool Source Code (12.6 KB, ZIP)
To compile Join VOB Files Tool you need Delphi 7 or higher versions.

Join VOB Files Tool

  • How Join VOB Files Tool works:
  • 1. Add VOB files to join on your hard drive, multiple selection works also. Use "Remove" button to delete the selected VOB file from the list.
    2. Select an output file name with a path
    3. Start the joining process by pressing "Join VOB Files" button

    Join VOB Files Tool - In Process

    4. Minimize application to tray.
    5. Cancel the process in any time if need it by pressing "Cancel" button or closing the application.

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    To contact to the author of this tool, please send e-mail:
    Aleksandr Ignatov
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