Plasma & LCD TV, Monitor Test DVD

To detect dead pixels, stuck pixels, frozen pixels on your LCD TV, LCD Monitor, Plasma TV, Plasma Monitor, LCD Display, Plasma Display  you will need to fill full screen with the single red, green, blue, white, or black color only pixels. If there are any of dead pixels exist  on your screen, it could be visible on the one color screen filling only - it depends what color of pixels is dead. For example, dead green pixel could  be visible as constantly "switched on" on a black or red screen. So, please change all colors to check all variations.

  • Main Menu of Plasma & LCD TV, Monitor Test DVD
  • 1. Plasma & LCD TV, Monitor Test DVD consists of color selection to play them repeatly. To return to the DVD menu press "Title" button on DVD player remote control
    2. Both support for 16:9 and 4:3 monitors and TV screens

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  • You can download

    NTSC Plasma & LCD TV, Monitor Test DVD
    MD5: EAD552FF7B37BD80D64844CE8C58109D **


    PAL Plasma & LCD TV, Monitor Test DVD
    MD5: B3B76ECE8A984F7D13D8C19FCB16BCFD **

    in  7-zip format. These archives contain ISO and MDS files to burn DVD with any software, such as free  ImgBurn
    Depending on the TV System supported by your DVD Player, please select to download PAL or NTSC DVD archive. If you have modern multi system DVD player, use any of archive

  • FAQ
  • Q: What to do if my monitor have 1280x1024 resolution (not equal to 4:3) or 1680x1050 resolution (not equal to 16:9) as in Test DVD?
    A: Please use Zoom mode in your hardware or software DVD player to fill all pixels on the screen

    Q: Is it possible to select another color filling by pressing "Next" button on DVD player?
    A: No, it is not possible. Please return to DVD menu by pressing "Title" button and then select the other color filling you need to check

    Q: Can I distribute freely your Test DVD archives?
    A: Yes, you can. If you reprint/translate this page, please set back link as a source to this page. You can give direct hot links to download 7-zip archives also

    To contact to the author of this DVD, please send e-mail:
    Aleksandr Ignatov

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